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Customer Service Excellence (CSE) Award

What does it mean for our contractors?

The Customer Service Excellence (CSE) Award is a Government recognised accreditation which meticulously assesses businesses in many areas which customers have highlighted to be of importance to them. These areas comprise of staff attitude, information, delivery, timeliness and professionalism alongside acknowledging any areas where continuous development has been made within customer service.

Obtaining the CSE Award proves that providers such as PayStream continually place a focus on developing customer insight, understanding the users experience and safeguarding that there is always a strong level of service satisfaction.

In 2020, PayStream once again met and fully evidenced each one of the 57 criteria. Furthermore, we have taken our compliance plus awards to the next level by achieving 21 in total, the highest grade ever given by our CSE assessor in his 25 year career.

Here are just some of the stand out points from our assessor’s latest feedback report.

  • Dynamic, forward thinking and transformational - In relation to the culture of the organisation the assessors report said that our purposeful, dynamic, forward thinking, transformational and visionary ‘customer centred’ leadership ensured that PayStream went from strength to strength in the sector. It went on to observe that senior managers are strong role models within the organisation and have clear expectations in terms of effectively leading a ‘customer focussed’ and quality oriented organisation.
  • Clear and distinctive information - In relation to the information we provide the report said that clear, distinctive and corporately branded documentation was provided to customers. The assessor was also extremely impressed by the way we monitor communication channels and as a result always ensure that our content meet customers’ needs.
  • Overall ethos of putting the customer first was engrained within the organisation - When assessing our timeliness and quality of service the report identified that our attention to detail is excellent and we make sure that we always have the potential to exceed customers’ expectations. It also observed that an all-embracing customer focus was obviously in place at PayStream and living the overall ethos of putting the customer first was engrained throughout the organisation.

Michael Lynch, the Customer Service Excellence Assessor said:

“I have been assessing PayStream for several years now and each year they never fail to impress me. It’s clear from the work that they do, that they take customer service seriously. They go above and beyond in many aspects which is why I felt it appropriate to recognise this by awarding them with 21 compliance pluses.”

Michael went on to say:

“If there was one thing that shone out during this assessment, it was the integrity that PayStream has shown whilst helping their contractors through what has been a very difficult and unprecedented time. This is the highest grade I have ever awarded a company in my 25 years at CSE but it is fully deserved.”

Once again I am extremely proud of the team here at PayStream. Our focus and ability to continue to deliver outstanding customer service, during what has been an incredibly difficult and challenging year, just goes to show how engrained customer service is with our people and in our processes. To be credited with the highest ever number of compliance plus awards given to any company in our assessors’ career is incredible. These 21 compliance plus awards truly reflect the importance that everyone here at PayStream places on delivering truly outstanding customer service.

Paul Malley, PayStream Managing Director

PayStream would always advise any end client, agency or contractor to check the company’s accreditations before engaging with their accountancy or payroll services.

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