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Customer Service Excellence (CSE) Award

What does it mean for our contractors?

The Customer Service Excellence (CSE) Award is a Government recognised accreditation which meticulously assesses businesses in many areas which customers have highlighted to be of importance to them. These areas comprise of staff attitude, information, delivery, timeliness and professionalism alongside acknowledging any areas where continuous development has been made within customer service.

Obtaining the CSE Award proves that providers such as PayStream continually place a focus on developing customer insight, understanding the users experience and safeguarding that there is always a strong level of service satisfaction.

In 2021, PayStream were fully audited, evidencing each one of the qualifying criteria. Furthermore, we have taken our compliance plus awards to the next level by achieving 13 in total, which is the most we have ever been awarded on a full audit. Here are just some of the stand out points from our assessor’s latest feedback report.

  • Passion to exceed expectations – in relation to PayStream employees. The staff appeared ‘passionate’ in meeting and exceeding customer expectations and clearly understand what was meant by customer service excellence. All staff appeared keen to deliver an excellent service to ensure PayStream was both ‘leading the way’ and exemplar for other similar organisations.
  • Attention to detail – in relation to all the work we do. The assessor was very impressed by the overall staff commitment such as their attention to detail, the desire to continually improve things and the professionalism displayed by them. Since achieving the standard, the Customer Service Excellence Framework had positively impacted the customer service by heightening the determination, motivation and ambition to continuously improve the customer service which was delivered. This was demonstrated by the number of elements that had achieved compliance plus, not just now but at previous assessments and surveillances.
  • Treating customers with dignity and respect – in relation to the service that we provide to contractors and agencies. Embedding customer service was a day by day process that was understood well by staff and by using the CSE Framework. Treating customers with basic dignity and respect were the core principles of PayStream and were fundamental to the way the organisation operated. Consultation and feedback with customers was always used to develop and improve the services provided for them.

John Spitz, the Customer Service Excellence Assessor said:

"It was clear that delivery standards were embedded in PayStream’s business model through well-governed, compliant processes and a firm belief in delivering total transparency and the best possible customer outcomes. Clear standards were set that covered all aspects of the company and delivery of promised standards and customer commitments continued to be reviewed and monitored on a regular basis and evidence of this was given through documentation and staff discussions. Several significant key drivers were in place which ensured the company delivered quality outcomes for its customers."

Once again I am extremely proud of the team here at PayStream. Our focus and ability to continue to deliver outstanding customer service, during what has been an incredibly difficult and challenging year, just goes to show how engrained customer service is with our people and in our processes. To be credited with the 13 compliance plus points during a full audit, the highest that PayStream has ever received, is incredible. Being CSE certified truly reflects the importance that everyone here at PayStream places on delivering truly outstanding customer service.

Andrew Cleal, Chief Executive Officer

PayStream would always advise any end client, agency or contractor to check the company’s accreditations before engaging with their accountancy or payroll services.

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