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Tax Services

Enhanced tax and compliance
services for contractors


We'll do more than make sure your personal tax returns are filled in properly - you'll also benefit from our expert advice to keep you on the right side of the taxman, whatever direction you might take.

Whether you’re an umbrella contractor, limited company director, sole trader or are looking for personal tax assistance, PayStream’s Tax Team are here to help!

We can assist you with:

Your tax obligations aren't limited to your company. We're here to provide you and your family with sound guidance on capital gains tax relief and how to maintain your income, as well as the most tax-efficient pension options and investments. Whether its retirement planning, inheritance tax or whatever else you're worried about, together with our authorised financial services colleagues we can help you make the best decision for everyone.

Limited company contractors enjoy all kinds of opportunities, but some of them can complicate your tax status.

If you're thinking of investing in your company or working on an exit strategy, we'll help you choose the most tax-efficient solution for your business. Perhaps you're considering acquiring assets through your company, such as property or equipment, or expanding your shareholding. Whatever your plans are for developing your company and making the most of your career choice, we're here to help you.

Similarly, we can guide you through the potential pitfalls of taking overseas contracts and examine your options for additional deductions and tax relief.

If you are an employee of an umbrella company, we can conduct a full PAYE health check to make sure you're on the right side of the taxman.

Tax code checks will make sure you're on the right PAYE code. From there we can advise you, for example, on whether the High Income Child Benefit Charge rules apply to you, or whether there are any allowances or tax reliefs from which you could benefit.

We'll even ensure you're enjoying the right tax relief on your pension contributions and making the most of your expenses claims, so you know at every stage that you're both legally compliant and reaping all the financial benefits of working as a contractor.

We understand that life can sometimes take an unexpected turn and the UK tax system can be complex and confusing at the best of times. However throw in a particularly sensitive or complex situation and it can lead to tax obligations or potential opportunities to be more tax efficient being missed. So whether you have moved overseas, purchased rental property, have unfortunately suffered a loss of a loved one or are going through a separation/divorce, we can help.

Our expert accountancy and compliance teams can help in the event of an HMRC compliance check or investigation. We'll assist you in collating all necessary information to respond to an HMRC compliance check. We'll also help you to respond to investigations related to company or personal tax matters if you haven’t joined our Tax Investigation Protection Service.

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Self Assessment tax returns

We'll make sure your tax return is completed correctly and on time to keep you safe from HMRC's new tax penalties - but we'll also chase any refunds that you might be due and warn you of any possible tax liabilities we identify during the process, so you know exactly what lies ahead.

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Specialist Tax Services

Navigating the complexities of the UK tax system can be both time consuming and confusing. That is why we’ve created our range of specialist tax services. Each service is designed to help with the more sensitive or complex of situations. All with the end goal of ensuring that your tax affairs are dealt with in the most tax efficient way.

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Tax Investigation Protection Service

Real peace of mind in the event of an investigation.

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Tax Advice Service

A whole year of our team at your fingertips.

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Thank you so much for your help in contacting HMRC to sort out my self-assessment tax return query. I will certainly be recommending PayStream to friends, family and colleagues.

Sean - Tax Team Client

How much does it cost?

Everyone's needs are different. For a personalised quotation, speak to a member of our Tax Team on 0161 923 0201 (option 3) or email

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