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Expert shares email advice for limited company contractors

Tue 3rd Oct, 2017
The 'delay send' function can be especially useful to contractors who work at all hours of day and night due to the flexible nature of their jobs.

Regular tea breaks 'make contractors more productive'

Mon 2nd Oct, 2017
Could stopping for a cup of tea make you more productive in your work?

Demand for pharmaceutical contractors 'increasing across UK'

Thu 28th Sep, 2017
Pharmaceutical contractor opportunities are on the up, according to a new report.

Contracting 'appealing option' for working mums with dependent children

Wed 27th Sep, 2017
Becoming a limited company contractor means working mothers with dependent children can enjoy a more sustainable work-life balance.

Most contractors like splitting time between home and clients' sites

Tue 26th Sep, 2017
The ideal working environment for UK contractors is split between their clients' sites and their own homes, according to a new poll.

'Best month on record' for automotive contractor opportunities

Tue 26th Sep, 2017
So far, September has been the best month on record in terms of new opportunities for automotive contractors in the UK.

Brighton and Manchester named UK's entrepreneurial hotspots

Mon 25th Sep, 2017
The number of new limited companies established in Brighton and Manchester has risen markedly over the past two years.

Poll names Slough best place to work in UK

Fri 22nd Sep, 2017
Why has Slough been named the best place to work in the UK in a new poll?

Cyber security skills shortage 'started in schools'

Fri 22nd Sep, 2017
School pupils are not learning enough about cyber security, which is exacerbating the UK's skills shortage.

Adaptability 'is top quality needed' to be a successful contractor

Thu 21st Sep, 2017
Contractors need to demonstrate their adaptability when applying for roles, according to the results of a recent poll

Is this the best place in the UK to set up as a limited company contractor?

Wed 20th Sep, 2017
Ipswich has been named the best place to start a new business in the UK, according to a new report.

Almost everyone in the UK wants to work like a contractor

Wed 20th Sep, 2017
Some 90 per cent of UK workers prefer the idea of flexible hours to the traditional nine-to-five, according to a new report.
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