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House Rules

Social media

Here at PayStream we encourage you to leave comments, pictures and videos and we love to hear any topics or queries you have for us via our forum. However, any comments, pictures or videos that we feel are inappropriate, aggressive, offensive or contain external links will be removed immediately.If what you share relates to the page in an appropriate manner the post will be left. Any comments or posts left on our page do not denote the opinions of PayStream.

PayStream is not responsible for the user content on the Facebook page.

Any users of the PayStream Facebook page must adhere to Facebook and PayStream T&C’s.

Posts should comply with the following PayStream rules:

Appropriate and respectful

We love to hear your thoughts and opinions. However, if your posts are deemed rude, offensive, inappropriate or aggressive or contain external links they will be removed immediately.


Our page has been created so that our members can discuss topics surrounding our areas of expertise. We are open ears for broader areas - however, if our moderator deems them as inappropriate, they will be removed immediately.


PayStream respects the right to privacy. Please avoid sharing personal information including telephone number, email and addresses via public forums. If you wish for us to contact you please send your contact information via a private message or via our website.


Users are not allowed to post or disseminate any defamatory, misleading or unlawful information.

Material property

Users are prohibited from uploading or attaching files that contain viruses, corrupted files, or similar files that may cause damage to a computer. You may not upload material protected by intellectual property laws unless you control the rights. Users are also banned from deleting any legal notices, author acknowledgements or to falsify material that is uploaded.

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