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Where were umbrella contractors most in demand in January?

Thu 8th Feb, 2018
Demand for umbrella company contractors rose markedly in January 2018, with the opportunities available well-remunerated, a new report shows.

Plummeting NHS nursing levels creating more demand for umbrella workers

Wed 17th Jan, 2018
Nurses working as umbrella company contractors are in increasing demand as the gap between nurses leaving and joining the NHS widens.

Over 9,000 new recruiters entered the UK market this year

Fri 15th Dec, 2017
New data shows that the total number of recruitment agencies in the UK now stands at 35,725.

Umbrella contractor assignments average 17 weeks in 2017

Thu 14th Dec, 2017
A new report reveals the extent of the contribution of the temporary jobs market to the UK's wider recruitment industry.

59% of businesses planning to use umbrella contractors more

Thu 21st Sep, 2017
Umbrella contractors are set to be utilised more frequently by some UK businesses in the coming months.

Rising teaching vacancies boost demand for umbrella contractors

Mon 18th Sep, 2017
Unfilled teaching posts are growing across the UK, leading to an increase in demand for umbrella company contractors.

Report on Jobs: Contractor demand at two-and-a-half-year high

Tue 8th Aug, 2017
Demand for umbrella company contractors reached a two-and-a-half-year high in the UK last month.

Umbrella contractors could benefit from 86,000 NHS vacancies

Wed 26th Jul, 2017
There are over 80,000 vacancies across the NHS at present, new figures have revealed.

Umbrella contracting 'becoming increasingly popular'

Tue 25th Jul, 2017
Umbrella company contractors now contribute £3 billion to the UK economy annually, new data shows.

Government launches £400m fund for full fibre broadband

Wed 5th Jul, 2017
Additional funding is to be provided for fibre broadband connections by the government.

Umbrella contractors 'in demand for record number of nursing vacancies'

Mon 12th Jun, 2017
Demand for umbrella company contractors is increasing in Scotland's nursing sector.

Which positions have contractors been most in demand for over the last year?

Fri 26th May, 2017
The latest jobs market data from APSCo shows that demand for umbrella company contractors is increasing in the UK's social work sector.
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