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Think you can do a better job than your manager? Become your own boss

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Tuesday 27th Feb, 2018

More than one-quarter (28 per cent) of UK workers believe they could do a better job than their current boss, according to the findings of a new report.

This suggests that a significant number of people would be happier in their work if they were working for themselves as a limited company contractor or freelancer.

The report comes from CABA, a charity that supports the wellbeing of chartered accountants throughout Britain. It found that ten per cent of workers have been subject to discriminatory remarks from their boss, with over one-third (36 per cent) even contemplating quitting their position on a regular basis to seek greater job satisfaction elsewhere.

What's more, 11 per cent of respondents said they had been forced to work overtime by their boss, with CABA calculating that this led to people missing an average of 26 family or social occasions each year.

Almost three-quarters (72 per cent) of those questioned also admitted to working on what were supposed to be their days off, with 22 per cent revealing they did so on a regular basis.

All of these findings therefore highlight that contracting - which gives workers greater power over their hours, workloads, day-to-day responsibilities and pay rates - could be a much more sustainable option for a large proportion of the workforce.

Speaking to, Laura Little, Learning and Development Manager at CABA, commented: "People management is critical to good workplace performance and, based on these findings, it's no wonder the UK has a productivity issue.

"We spend so much time at work, for the sake of our wellbeing, we need to enjoy work, otherwise it will have serious implications for our mental health."

Limited company contractors can also choose when they need to take time off.  As long as they manage client expectations, there will be no pressure from elsewhere to do a bit extra when they're meant to be enjoying a break, and no need to miss out on further family occasions or social events.

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