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Permanent employment 'won't be the norm for much longer'

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Monday 16th Apr, 2018

A growing number of UK businesses believe that permanent positions will become less popular in the near future, as the hiring of limited company contractors and freelancers becomes more of a norm.

According to the results of a survey carried out by TALint Partners ahead of its Tipping Point event for talent leaders, less than one-third (29 per cent) of recruiters believe that permanent roles will remain a default option in the future.

Instead, the rapid growth of the gig economy and the ever-increasing number of people choosing to work for themselves as contractors or freelancers means there is a wider, more flexible pool of talent for hirers to choose from.

Hiring temporary workers means that companies can make sure they are not under-employing any of their staff, as they can access specific skills for a fixed amount of time.

This type of arrangement also suits limited company contractors, allowing them to work on as many assignments as they can manage at a time, but with working hours that suit them and providing the flexibility to achieve their ideal work-life balance.

What's more, organisations are often willing to pay competitive rates for access to contractors' specialist skills, even for a short-term period.

Therefore, with more companies looking to recruit temporary workers with these benefits in mind, it is good news for contractors too, who look set to have more opportunities to choose from, many of which will be generously remunerated.

Ken Brotherston, Managing Director of TALint Partners, commented: "The fact that so many internal hirers and recruiters are seeing such a rapid and seemingly long-term change suggests a need to fundamentally rethink the current approach to perm vs temp roles.

"For those employers who believe that the status quo is maintainable or desirable, these results suggest that they need to learn to be more flexible - and fast."

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