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Why limited company contractors need an online portfolio

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Thursday 12th Oct, 2017

Personal service company contractors and freelancers need to make sure they have an online portfolio available for prospective clients to view to improve their chances of being selected for assignments.

According to a new report from UK Domain, which is part of Nominet, HR professionals are increasingly looking for portfolios on top of job candidates' CVs. Almost nine in ten (88 per cent) of those questioned said this was important to help them find the best worker for the job.

However, just 31 per cent of applicants have an online portfolio, with 88 per cent relying solely on their CV to talk an interviewer through their skills. But this is no longer enough.

Four in ten HR managers believe that CVs will be primarily digital within five years' time, while 15 per cent are confident that they will be completely non-existent, having been replaced with online portfolios.

Contractors and freelancers in fields like graphic design and IT will stand out among job applicants if they have an online portfolio available for current and prospective clients to browse.

Workers can channel more of their creativity into a visual portfolio, helping them to stand out more than they are able to via just their CV.

For prospective clients, it will help to inform their decision on whether or not they want to offer the individual in question the work, while for current clients, it will show them what else the contractor can do, which could lead to them selling more of their services.

Eleanor Bradley, Chief Operating Officer of Nominet, commented: "No matter what job you're planning for, employers want to see the person behind the CV. An online portfolio is a great way of showcasing both your professional skills and your personality.

"The job market is booming, but the best roles will continue to be fiercely fought over. A well-designed personal website tells employers that you're taking your career seriously, as well as illustrating your digital skills."