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Homepreneurs happier than regular employees

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Tuesday 14th Nov, 2017

Some 85 per cent of homepreneurs - that's people like limited company contractors and freelancers who work for themselves from home - are happier with their current working status than they were in their previous role, new research shows.

A survey carried out by printing company Solopress led to the discovery that 42 per cent of homepreneurs are happier being their own boss because it allows them to choose their own working hours, meaning they can spend more time on their hobbies and interests.

Meanwhile, 26 per cent love being in control of their own workload and 15 per cent find it much more rewarding to work for themselves.

More than half (52 per cent) of those questioned said the greater flexibility provided by setting their own office hours was the best part of being a homepreneur, with almost one-third (31 per cent) admitting that this was the reason they made the change from being a regular employee in the first place.

Overall, half of the survey respondents said they believed being able to work independently in the capacity of a contractor or freelancer was now something to aspire towards, demonstrating how the view of self-employment has shifted in recent years.

Homepreneurs also have the ability to set their own pay rates, with the poll finding that 54 per cent are in fact earning less than in their previous role, but they are significantly happier. This therefore indicates that job satisfaction is a much more important factor than money for a large proportion of the workforce.

Aron Priest, Co-Founder of Solopress, commented: "With homepreneurship becoming a more aspirational career path, we wanted to reveal whether biting the bullet and launching your own business was satisfying and rewarding. It's interesting to see that despite the hard work and risk, the majority of home business owners are feeling happier and more fulfilled.

"Money doesn't always motivate people the way happiness and appreciation in a career can."