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Government launches new APPG for Entrepreneurship

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Monday 13th Jun, 2016

UK business secretary Sajid Javid has launched a new government-run group that is designed to give entrepreneurs a greater voice in parliament, with the hope that it will encourage more people to set up their own small businesses and limited companies.

The new All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Entrepreneurship has been established to help resolve issues for limited company contractors and other small business owners, with a recent survey finding that 85 per cent of self-employed people would like lowering business taxes to be a priority for the new group.

This was according to a survey carried out by the Entrepreneurs Network, the secretariat of the new APPG, which also found that more than three-quarters (79 per cent) of entrepreneurs would like to see personal taxes lowered, while 78 per cent want the government to do more to cut business regulations.

Alan Mak MP will be chairing the APPG for Entrepreneurship and he explained that economic growth fuelled by innovation, exports and a high standard of education will be a priority for the government over the next few years, with more people being encouraged to set up their own business venture.

Mr Javid stated: "I want to make Britain the best place to start and grow a business by backing entrepreneurs to drive forward our economy. In an environment that encourages innovation and ideas, this government is championing ambition and creating jobs.

"I'm proud today to be launching the APPG for Entrepreneurship, which will make sure the voice of entrepreneurs is heard loud and clear in parliament."

The survey also looked at how self-employed people in the UK feel about the upcoming EU referendum, with 48 per cent of respondents saying they are planning to vote to remain in Europe, while 41 per cent want a Brexit to take place.

Some 58 per cent of small firm owners believe that entrepreneurship may increase if Britain leaves the EU, but thanks to the establishment of the new APPG, the government is striving to make this the case regardless.