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Best month to apply for a new contract revealed

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Friday 12th Jan, 2018

Contractors, freelancers and other job seekers across the UK will have been applying for new opportunities as the new year has gotten underway, but a new report shows that January may not be the best time to apply for a new role after all.

According to research carried out by Joblift, June, not January, is the best month to submit a job application and successfully secure the role in question - something limited company contractors may want to bear in mind when going after their next assignment.

Joblift based its conclusions on online job search data. During June 2017, it was found that 10.47 per cent of job vacancies for the year were advertised online throughout the month, with 8.9 per cent of the year's job applications received during this four-week period.

This meant that the number of opportunities available outnumbered job seekers by 1.57 percentage points in total, which was the biggest gap recorded throughout the course of a year.

Despite traditionally being viewed as a quiet month for the jobs market, December was actually named the second best month to find a job, as there was just a gap of 1.05 percentage points between the number of roles on offer during the month and the volume of workers searching for a new contract.

In third place was November, with a gap of 0.86 percentage points. During this month, 8.21 per cent of the year's available jobs were advertised online, with 7.35 per cent of workers using the web to browse for their next role.

Applying for a new role at this time of year allows workers to start their position at the beginning of a new year, so makes a lot of business sense.

Interestingly, it was found that while January is often the most popular month for workers to apply for a new role, this increased level of competition actually meant that job hunters outnumbered the number of positions on offer at the greatest level recorded throughout a year (minus 1.5 percentage points).