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Why accountancy contractors need to take a break this Christmas

Tue 5th Dec, 2017
Taking a break over the Christmas period could help accounting and finance contractors to renew their hold on their work-life balance.

UK oil and gas contractors 'growing in confidence'

Mon 4th Dec, 2017
There has been a significant upswing in oil and gas contractors' confidence over the past six months, new data shows.

Conference call best practice tips for limited company contractors

Mon 4th Dec, 2017
Advice for limited company contractors and freelancers to bear in mind when joining conference calls from their home office.

UK manufacturing had best month in four years in November

Fri 1st Dec, 2017
Opportunities for contractors grew at their fastest rate in three-and-a-half years in the manufacturing sector in November 2017.

Why contractors need to stay one step ahead of robots

Thu 30th Nov, 2017
McKinsey Global Institute has revealed the sectors where jobs are least likely to be overtaken by robots in the near future.

Effects of late payment to contractors revealed

Wed 29th Nov, 2017
To what extent do late payments affect the UK's limited company contractors?

57% of Brits want to be self-employed, but tech access holds them back

Wed 29th Nov, 2017
For 57 per cent of people in the UK, working for themselves is their main goal in life.

Govt pharma investment 'promising news for contractors'

Mon 27th Nov, 2017
More opportunities for pharmaceutical contractors are likely as the UK government pledges to increase its investment in the industry.

Another productive month recorded for UK automotive contractors

Mon 27th Nov, 2017
Production output increased again during October for the UK automotive industry.

Hammond's tech skills pledge could create mentoring roles for contractors

Fri 24th Nov, 2017
Current tech contractors could find themselves having to mentor the next generation following the Chancellor's pledge to boost the UK's tech skills.

How to keep your energy bills down when working from home

Thu 23rd Nov, 2017
People who work from home may be racking up higher energy bills than they need to by leaving their devices plugged in for longer than is necessary.

Autumn Budget: How will driverless cars affect automotive contractors?

Wed 22nd Nov, 2017
The UK government wants to see self-driving cars on the roads by 2021, but what will this mean for automotive contractors?
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