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Legal right to broadband 'will create new contractor opportunities'

Fri 22nd Dec, 2017
Every household in Britain will have the right to request decent broadband access from 2020, which will create new opportunities for limited company contractors.

Why contractors shouldn't feel guilty about taking sick days

Thu 21st Dec, 2017
Taking time off to rest and recover from illness shouldn't be something that limited company contractors are afraid of doing.

Conference calls 'making home-based contracting work for millennials'

Wed 20th Dec, 2017
Millennial home-based contractors find it relatively easy to multi-task from their remote location, new research shows.

Setting client expectations early can stop contractors missing festive fun

Tue 19th Dec, 2017
Better organisation in the run-up to Christmas can help limited company contractors to switch off and spend quality time with loved ones this festive season.

Cyber security contractor demand 'to soar in 2018'

Mon 18th Dec, 2017
More than eight in ten recruiters believe that demand for cyber security workers in the UK will surge over the next 12 months.

Contractors - when does your Christmas break begin?

Mon 18th Dec, 2017
The majority of UK workers begin to mentally clock off for Christmas from today, according to a new survey.

50% of millennials 'long for a better work-life balance'

Tue 12th Dec, 2017
The 50 per cent of millennials who yearn for an improved work-life balance would be likely to benefit from working as limited company contractors.

Why contractors should take short, regular breaks from their workload

Tue 12th Dec, 2017
Regular short breaks are important for contractors to boost their productivity and renew their focus on their workload, according to a new survey.

Is 42 the age to become a limited company contractor?

Mon 11th Dec, 2017
Brits begin to lose passion for their career at the age of 42, when money becomes more important than enjoyment, according to new research.

Contractors could be risking their success by not getting enough sleep

Fri 8th Dec, 2017
Limited company contractors need to make sure they regularly get enough sleep in order to give their business ventures the best chance of success.

Over-50s will dominate UK self-employed workforce by 2025

Thu 7th Dec, 2017
More over-50s will be working as contractors and freelancers in the UK by 2025, a new report reveals.

How contractors can help fill UK's cyber security knowledge gap

Wed 6th Dec, 2017
Just half of UK businesses have access to the level of cyber security skills they would like - a gap that limited company contractors could help to close.
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