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UK creative industries now worth £91.8bn, largely thanks to freelancers

Tue 9th Jan, 2018
Self-employed workers have played a key role in fuelling growth across the UK's creative industries in recent years, a new report reveals.

How important is networking for contractors and freelancers?

Tue 9th Jan, 2018
Networking, updating a CV and creating an ideal job wishlist are the three initial steps UK workers take when searching for their next role, research shows.

Colleagues affect 59% of workers' productivity - contracting could provide a solution

Mon 8th Jan, 2018
Another perk of self-employment: limited company contractors don't have 'annoying and lazy' colleagues hampering their own productivity.

Contractors praised for contribution to UK's productivity growth

Mon 8th Jan, 2018
Contractors and freelancers played a key role in boosting productivity growth in the UK last year, new data shows.

Are you neglecting to mention soft skills on your CV?

Fri 5th Jan, 2018
Up to 80 per cent of workers could be missing out on their next contract due to a failure to highlight their 'soft' skills on their CV.

Christmas and New Year job applications rise markedly

Fri 5th Jan, 2018
A significant number of people spent Christmas Day and New Year's Day applying for their next job, data reveals.

Manufacturing opportunities rose in December despite Christmas slowdown

Thu 4th Jan, 2018
Growth was recorded across the UK's manufacturing industry in December 2017, with new roles for contractors despite the usual Christmas slowdown.

Were you guilty of checking your work emails over Christmas?

Tue 2nd Jan, 2018
Almost half of UK workers can't resist checking their work emails on holiday, but this could be stopping contractors from achieving a healthy work-life balance.

Contractors have one month left to submit self-assessment tax returns

Tue 2nd Jan, 2018
Over 10,000 workers submitted their self-assessment tax returns on Christmas or Boxing Day, new figures reveal as the January 31st deadline approaches.

New govt website 'will empower limited company contractors'

Wed 27th Dec, 2017
The Small Business Commissioner's new website will help limited company contractors to chase late client payments in a more direct manner.

IPSE and Community outline self-employed wishlist for 2018

Wed 27th Dec, 2017
IPSE and Community want to see greater support and more benefits for the UK's ever-increasing self-employed workforce in 2018.

Growing number of Scots want to work for themselves

Fri 22nd Dec, 2017
Over half of Scots would like to work for themselves as contractors or freelancers in the future, according to the findings of a new report.
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