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How job offer haggling could benefit limited company contractors

Wed 20th Sep, 2017
Haggling over job offers can prove beneficial for workers who are confident enough to try it, a new report reveals.

Contractors take fewer holidays 'due to greater job satisfaction'

Fri 15th Sep, 2017
Some contractors enjoy their work so much they do not take as many holidays as they could each year.

'Finish at 4pm Day' can be every day for contractors

Fri 15th Sep, 2017
Today is National 4pm Finish Day - something limited company contractors can enjoy every day.

Contractors fuel UK employment growth

Thu 14th Sep, 2017
A marked increase in contractor numbers has fuelled growth in the UK's employment rate in recent months.

Record July means security for UK aerospace contractors

Wed 13th Sep, 2017
UK aerospace recorded its best ever July this year, providing a greater sense of job security to the sector's contractors.

UK manufacturing picked up for contractors in August

Tue 12th Sep, 2017
August marked the 13th consecutive month for increased contractor opportunities in the UK manufacturing sector.

Limited company contractor demand remains strong across UK

Tue 12th Sep, 2017
Contractors were in particularly high demand in the Midlands and in the engineering sector in August 2017.

Surge in demand for IT contractors with cloud skills

Mon 11th Sep, 2017
There has been a significant increase in demand for limited company contractors with cloud skills over the past year.

Poor telecoms 'can be a major issue when working from home'

Fri 8th Sep, 2017
Freelancers across the UK are being hindered in their work by poor telecoms coverage in their area, with slow mobile and broadband connections.

Half of UK workers 'seeking new employment opportunities'

Mon 4th Sep, 2017
Up to half of all UK full- and part-time workers are looking to leave their current job within the next 12 months.

Freelancers 'better off than full-time workers'

Thu 31st Aug, 2017
The UK's freelancers typically earn more per hour than full-time workers, according to a new analysis of pay rates between 2010 and 2015.

UK infrastructure's lack of cyber protection may create work for contractors

Thu 31st Aug, 2017
Limited company contractors will be able to help the UK's critical infrastructure organisations strengthen their cyber security.
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