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Latest Umbrella Company News

Growing confidence in economy 'good news for contractors'

Fri 1st Jun, 2018
Increased levels of business confidence in the UK economy signal good news for the country's limited company contractors.

London 'UK's budding entrepreneur hotspot'

Tue 29th May, 2018
London is home to the highest proportion of workers interested in becoming limited company contractors or freelancers in the UK.

Top 20 most in-demand contractor skills revealed

Tue 8th May, 2018
Blockchain has been named the number one most coveted contractor and freelancer skill of the moment in a new report from Upwork.

Latest Limited Company News

Where were umbrella contractors most in demand in January?

Thu 8th Feb, 2018
Demand for umbrella company contractors rose markedly in January 2018, with the opportunities available well-remunerated, a new report shows.

Plummeting NHS nursing levels creating more demand for umbrella workers

Wed 17th Jan, 2018
Nurses working as umbrella company contractors are in increasing demand as the gap between nurses leaving and joining the NHS widens.

Over 9,000 new recruiters entered the UK market this year

Fri 15th Dec, 2017
New data shows that the total number of recruitment agencies in the UK now stands at 35,725.
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