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How can AI help you as a contractor?

Alex Bentley

Alex Bentley | Marketing Assistant

Thursday 25th May, 2023

It’s no secret that AI has been making waves in the tech industry recently. This innovative technology can seemingly do anything from writing emails and blogs to developing computer code. With seemingly endless possibilities, you may be wondering how AI could help your career as a contractor.  

Automating tasks

Firstly, AI can help save your time by tasking it to do your admin. It can be used as a scheduling tool, to transcribe client meetings and even schedule the meetings themselves. All things that take time from your day when you could be working on your contract or taking time off for yourself.

Content writing

One great way to utilise AI is to ask it to write content for your relevant website blogs, articles, emails or social media captions. It may not always be perfect, and you’ll certainly need to do some tweaks, but it’s a great way to overcome potential writer’s block and give you a head start on any work.

As well as this, AI has become very capable at transcribing speech. If you’re a video producers, it can generate text for video descriptions or closed captions. All these little things may not have been as easily accessible to you in the past due to the amount of time they would have taken, but with AI they streamline the amount of time needed, freeing you to do what you do best.

Image creation

If you’re looking for unique images that incorporate your brand identity you can simply provide AI with a description and it will generate an image of what it believes you’re looking for. Whether you need these images for social media, your website or even a logo, AI can help. That being said, they can sometimes throw up some questionable imagery, so at the very least you may have a chuckle.

Use it for insparation

Sometimes all you need for a breakthrough is just a little inspiration. You can ask AI tools to generate hundreds of ideas, from web page titles to company slogans, or even survey questions. You can take these with a pinch of salt, if you’re not a fan of the initial ideas then hopefully it gives you a starting point and something to work with.

Analysis and reporting

Whether it’s a big part of your work or just something you’ve always wanted a little help with, AI tools can analyse huge chunks of data for you that can be turned into handy reports. So, whether you have client data, survey results or even lines of code, you can task AI to do all the heavy lifting and analyse your work by so that you can further improve it should you need it.

This takes out the time-consuming monotony of having to look over and analyse all the data you have at your disposal that you may not be putting to good use.

As well as AI, you can also turn to PayStream to help save you time and ensure you’re working compliantly as a contractor. No matter whether you need an umbrella company or some help with your limited company accounts, you benefit from maximum returns for minimum effort and a friendly, straightforward approach. Get in touch with our team at or give us a call at 0161 923 0201.

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