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Big Picture - May 2019

Paul Malley

Paul Malley | Managing Director

Tuesday 28th May, 2019

The new tax year is now well under way so we want to ensure that you start it in the best possible way, by sharing with you some personal tax planning help and advice. From personal allowances and reliefs through to potential penalties. We want to ensure that our contractors start the new tax year off on the right foot.

This month we reached out to our contractors via social media and asked you to share your thoughts regarding the benefits that can be enjoyed whilst working as a contractor. We also asked you to take part in our time management quiz. All of these insights are revealed in this newsletter including our handy time management guide.

In other news, earlier this month PayStream was involved with Mental Health Awareness Week, which is something we as a business take very seriously. So in this month’s edition we break away from the usual contractor focused help and advice and share with you some important facts, information and tips on mental health and how you can look after yours. 

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