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Maximising the HMRC Personal Tax Account

Sally Morris

Sally Morris | Head Of Operations

Monday 18th Jun, 2018

What is the Personal Tax Account?

The Personal Tax Account (PTA) is an HMRC system that brings all of your personal tax details into one place. It is a safe and secure way to manage your tax affairs online and could save you precious time when dealing with HMRC.

As at July 2017, a total of 9.4 million customers accessed their Personal Tax Account but with estimates from the Labour Force Survey of over 32 million people in work, there is still a lot of workers not using the system.

Different services are available to you depending on your circumstances. They are broken down in to the following sections and a sample of some of the services are detailed below.

You and Your Family

In this section you can inform HMRC of changes to your personal information and circumstances. Things like, you have had a baby, you have got married, and you have changed from a single to joint household or the other way round or you have moved house.

You and your work

You can use this section if you start working for the first time, you have more than one job, you have changes that affect your tax credits or if you leave the UK to work aboard, to name a few. You can check your Income Tax estimate and your tax code.

Your money and property

If you receive benefits, you can change your payment details here or you can tell HMRC about investments in property or stocks and shares.

Your retirement

Do you plan to retire early or want to see your state pension forecast? Then use this section for these and other services relating to retirement.


Track your communication with HMRC or get a copy of your National Insurance number and proof of income and taxes are all available in your tax account for you to review anytime anywhere.

To set up your account, please click this link -

Or, the HMRC app was introduced in early 2018 app is available to download from App store for iOS and Google play for Android

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