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Why contracting lets you fit more exercise into your day

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Kerry Hull

Friday 16th Feb, 2018

Limited company contractors can easily tailor their working hours around regular exercise to keep on top of their personal wellbeing.

Some 39.2 per cent of UK workers struggle to fit regular exercise into their schedules, despite their best intentions.

Having to prioritise work on top of personal commitments and finding time to relax as well can leave us with little time left to exercise, but a good workout helps to get our endorphins flowing, leaving us feeling recharged and uplifted.

So, is there a way to fit exercise into the day without it taking up all of our free time? Saying goodbye to the nine-to-five and taking charge of your own career and wellbeing could be the answer.

When do workers find the time to exercise?

According to research carried out by CV-Library, more than half (59.4 per cent) of workers in the UK try to stick to a fitness routine during the working week, with 91.3 per cent reporting that they feel refreshed and more productive afterwards.

Some 26.3 per cent of people tend to get up early to fit in a workout before starting work for the day, while almost three-quarters prefer to wait until the end of the day, with 88.2 per cent revealing that this helps them to unwind.

Two-thirds of survey respondents admitted to occasionally having to miss a workout because of work commitments, while 66.6 per cent said that they wished they had more time to exercise from Monday to Friday because of how it makes them feel afterwards.

A total of 81.5 per cent of those questioned said that exercising regularly helped them to stay focused in their job, highlighting that it is important workers have the time to fit a workout into their day.

Lee Biggins, Founder and Managing Director of CV-Library, commented: "We can be told about the benefits of regular exercise until we're blue in the face, but it's clear that fitting this in around work is a daily struggle for many.

"We spend a large proportion of our day working, so it's no surprise that professionals find it hard to motivate themselves to exercise as well, whether that's before or after work.

"But, the truth is, exercise is extremely important to both physical and mental health, and it's important to encourage staff to be active."

Why contractors have more time to work out

Overall, 22.2 per cent of poll respondents said they'd love to be able to work more flexibly in order to fit more exercise into their week. If a healthy body and mind, as well as a sustainable work-life balance, are so important to workers, they could take the leap and decide to become their own boss so they can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Limited company contractors and freelancers can choose their own working hours each day, so can tailor their working week to fit in around exercise classes they might want to attend, when their local swimming pool is open and when it's light enough to enjoy a jog around the park.

As long as clients' expectations are well-managed, contractors can essentially work and take breaks whenever they like, making it much easier for them to fit exercise into their schedule.

For instance, limited company contractors can go for a run whenever they need to feel reinvigorated before getting to grips with the next stage of an assignment, or take the time out for some yoga to clear their mind before going back to their current project with fresh eyes.

As a result, contractors who can work flexibly can ensure they are taking steps to boost their productivity when they need to, alongside achieving that all-important positive work-life balance.

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