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The Big Picture - August 2018

Paul Malley

Paul Malley | Managing Director

Thursday 30th Aug, 2018

The "Off-payroll working in the private sector" consultation is now closed so this month we look at the submissions made and what we feel HMRCs current position is likely to be. We have read many of the submissions made by interested parties such as the CIPD, ICAEW, APSCo and PRISM and have attended several round table meetings with HMRC and it's clear to see that very few people feel a change to the law in the private sector is a good idea. However what HMRC will do with all of the information they have received remains to be seen and we will know more in the November Budget.

There has also been lots of press coverage on raising awareness of mental health including an increasing number of high profile campaigns backed by celebrities and even royalty that continue to push this issue into the spotlight. This is why in this month's newsletter we share with you evidence that staying in work can be a great help to those affected by mental health issues and working in general means better physical and mental health. The article also provides some helpful tips on how to look after your mental health because that is just as important as your physical health so you need to look after it!

And finally we share with you the latest news from our sister company Tifo long with the results from our latest annual customer satisfaction survey for our umbrella company My Max, sharing with you what our umbrella company employees had to say about us and the service we provide.

The Big Picture - October 2018

This month the entire sector is waiting with baited breath for the Budget on the 29th October to see if it brings news of the controversial changes regarding IR35 (off payroll working) in the private sector. Indeed as you may have heard the Chancellor has already referenced this topic in his pre-budget rhetoric. As and when we learn more we will be sure to let you know how this affects you. In this month’s newsletter we expand on what this may mean for the sector along with our views.

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