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How satisfied are our Umbrella company employees?

Remy Van De Perre

Remy Van De Perre | Umbrella Service Director

Thursday 30th Aug, 2018

We had a great response to this year's Umbrella company survey with nearly 1100 of our umbrella employees taking part. We've had some great feedback, some of which we have already identified as areas for improvement and are about to roll out, and others have been added to a development list. Details of these will be shared later this year in our "you said, we did" document.

  • 91% of Umbrella employees when asked advised that they had not experienced better service elsewhere
  • 90% would recommend PayStream to a friend
  • 96% were happy with the handling of the setup of their employment
  • 95% were happy with the day to day handing of their enquiries
  • 95% advised that they had a good relationship with PayStream
  • 92% where happy with invoice processing and payment
  • 91% agreed that PayStream ensure their services are easy to understand by keeping them jargon free and ensuring that we do 'make perfect sense'
  • 95% advised that our online portal was easy to use

Paul Malley, Managing Director said: "In order to continue to deliver the kind of service our Umbrella employee's value we need to ask them for their opinion and this year we have had some great feedback.

It's great to see how well we are performing overall, but it's the feedback we receive that proves invaluable to us as it helps us to continue to develop, improve and grow the service. The feedback we have had this year has been of a particularly high standard, and we have already implemented some of the suggestions.

We are now assessing each of the suggestions and will report back on those ideas we've been able to implement, along with feedback on those that we haven't. Details of these will be available later this year in our 'you said - we did' document".

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