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Has anyone heard of a little change called GDPR?

Paystream News

Alex Victoratos

Friday 27th Apr, 2018

There has been lots of press coverage regarding a new piece of legislation called GDPR that is due to come into effect on 25th May 2018 which has been created to supersede the Data Protection Act which was first brought in, in 1995. GDPR is set to be one of the biggest legislation changes of 2018 and has been designed to ensure the safety of personal data in the modern, technological world that we now live in.

If you think back to 1995 and the technology that was available then compared to now you can start to understand why this change was needed. As consumers there is nothing you need to do, however as a business we have had to revisit all of our systems and processes to bring them all in line with the new legislation to ensure we are GDPR compliant. So, along with the rest of the business, I.T. have been busy putting the finishing touches on our implementation of changes to ensure GDPR compliance.

There's been (and is ongoing) an awful lot to consider and compliance can require a sea change in thinking. Adhering to the minutiae requiring some complex decisions in I.T. and alas a lot of rather dull paperwork! Fortunately we started from a good place and the whole business has embraced the changes, keen to deliver any improvements for our customers.

One change that will be immediately visible from a customer perspective is that our use of secure messaging will be rolled out to be available across the business - this will mean that certain messages will require a password to view the content. It's all very straightforward & should cause minimum disruption.

As usual we're keen for any feedback & if you find any of the new GDPR related features or systems frustrating, please drop me an email at

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