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In the Spotlight - October 2017

Kerry Hull

Kerry Hull | Marketing Manager

Thursday 19th Oct, 2017

This month we are introducing a member of our New Business Team, Sean Clark. This is a chance to let you get to know who you are working with a little more closely...


I am a new business consultant. I deal with all aspects of the on-boarding process from taking referrals and advising consultants on our services through to quoting and ensuring the first payment comes through smoothly for each contractor.

About me: 

I'm proudly different and relentlessly social. At weekends I can be found longboarding mostly around Manchester, going to gigs and parties.

Career / Personal high: 

I managed to gain free access into Glastonbury Festival this year.


Music, psychology and socialism.


The word "Guestimate", football conversations and sexism.

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