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Not filed your Personal Tax Return yet?

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David McManus

Thursday 23rd Feb, 2017

If you haven't then you're not alone!

HMRC reported that 840,000 missed the 31 January deadline for 2015/16 Self- Assessment Tax Return online filing and will find a £100 penalty added to their account.

HMRC's compliance drive means that interest will be added daily to late paid tax and there will be further penalties of £10 per day from 1 May 2017 if your Return hasn't been filed by then, so don't delay - file today!

If you have what you consider to be a 'reasonable excuse' for not filing your Tax Return on time, test it against HMRC's criteria and consider appealing against the penalty.

  • Accident or disaster - IT failure whilst trying to file online; fire, flood or theft prevented completion
  • Serious illness of yourself or illness/death of a close family member
  • Notice to file not served by HMRC (out of date addresses etc)

Contact PayStream's Tax Team on 0161 929 6000 or email if you need help to prepare your 2015/16 or any outstanding Tax Returns for earlier years and to ask about the merit and likelihood of success if you're considering making an appeal against a late filing penalty.

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