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Engaging with illegal workers – ignorance is no longer bliss

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Sally Morris

Friday 25th Nov, 2016

When a worker is working through an Umbrella Company or through their own Limited Company the lines of responsibility for Right to Work Checks and Identity Checks can be blurred. So how do you know what are your responsibilities are and what ours are?

As the Agency, you have a duty to prevent illegal working. The law on preventing illegal working is set out in sections 15-25 of the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act of 2016 and section 24 and 24B of the Immigration Act 1971. More recently, changes were published in the Immigration Act 2016. In the last 6 months of 2015, over £21 million in penalties was issued in the UK to employers hiring illegal workers, so not understanding your requirements could be a costly mistake.

There are three steps to conducting a right to work check at the agency level, these include:

  • Obtain original documents
  • Check them in the presence of the holder
  • Make copies and record the date

So, how do PayStream support you?

PayStream perform thorough identity checks on all our contractors regardless of whether they are working through our Umbrella service or through their own limited company. This involves checks such as electronic lookups of passports, visa validation and driving licences. We also have a Compliance Team headed up by our Legal Director, Julian Ball, who ensure we meet our Money Laundering obligations. Finally our processes are audited by industry experts Saffrey Champness and BDO.

Alongside all our processes, PayStream has also developed compliance software called Tifo Comply that can be integrated with your agency CRM system. Tifo comply supports your on-boarding requirements specific to your needs and the needs of your clients. To request a demo please contact our Business Development Manager, Rob Gillman, on 07717 325 190 or

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