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5 office stereotypes you won't miss when working as a contractor

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Kerry Hull

Wednesday 22nd Jun, 2016

From setting your own pay rates to choosing your own working hours and getting the opportunity to achieve a better work-life balance, there are many benefits to working as a freelancer or limited company contractor.

Working from home also means that you won't have to put up with those annoying office stereotypes any longer.

Here are five of the worst that you're guaranteed not to miss when you become a limited company contractor.

The one who wants to micro-manage you

If you're considering setting out on your own as a limited company contractor, it's likely that you enjoy working independently and are comfortable managing your own workload.

Therefore, working in an office in close proximity to someone who likes to micro-manage is probably your worst nightmare. Not feeling trusted to complete a simple task like the scheduling of a call or email can feel incredibly undermining and stifling, so it'll be great when you're able to do what you want, when you want and in the way you want.

The one whose life is like a soap opera

When you're trying to get on with your work, the last thing you need is drama. Every office seems to have one member of staff who splits up with their partner weekly and comes to work crying, bringing everyone else down with them.

Not only is this kind of behaviour unprofessional, but it's also extremely distracting and the negativity it brings can also affect your motivation at work. By removing yourself from this kind of environment, it will also remove the distraction, meaning you can focus on completing your work in a positive environment.

The one who talks too much

With this colleague, everything is a newsflash that needs the whole office to listen - what they had for tea three Tuesdays ago, what their mum said on the phone that wasn't funny, how ripe their avocado was that morning, what their boyfriend wore/said/how many times he went to the toilet/ate yesterday.

While working from home might be a bit of a culture shock at first, just imagine how lovely your life is going to be when you never have to hear this constant inane chatter ever again.

The one who always has their phone on loudspeaker

Again, this is a distraction you can do without, especially when you're in the middle of something and need to concentrate.

This person apparently has no general awareness of other people - something that is demonstrated by their insistence of loudly punching in every digit, with the noise echoing around the office, before the dialling tone blasts through the room and the person on the other end bellows their way through an hour of corporate speak.

The one who brings a smelly lunch

Hard-boiled eggs, sardines, tuna sandwiches, cauliflower rice, steamed vegetables - there is a universal unwritten rule that states thou must not eat smelly food in an office. Some people clearly haven't got the memo yet though, and persist to bring in food that stinks the office out, making the environment hellish when the weather is hot.

Working from home means you can have lunch when you want, eat what you want - you can even cook a proper meal if you have access to an oven - and don't have to worry about how much your food smells!

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