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In the spotlight - July 2016

Paystream News

Kerry Hull

Wednesday 27th Jul, 2016

This month we are introducing a member of our Accounts team, Georgina Lee-Hindle. This is a chance to let you get to know who you are working with a little more closely...

Role: I am an Accounts Senior at PayStream and I am always on hand to offer friendly support and advice to our limited company (PSC) contractors whilst also keeping track of their accounts and dealing with all the admin involved and ensure everything is always correct.

About me: I have a Mathematics degree from University of Liverpool. I'm a typical girly girl and love shopping. I'm obsessed with everything Disney and really enjoy to travel so I am always saving towards my next Disney holiday.

Career / Personal high: I have a BSC (Hons) Mathematics degree from the University of Liverpool.

Likes: Shoes, cheese and going on holiday.

Dislikes: Noisy eaters and sheep.
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