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HMRC’s SA302 form explained, Tax Return online.

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David McManus

Wednesday 27th Jul, 2016

HMRC's form SA302 is a tax calculation produced when you have filed your Self-Assessment Tax Return online.

It is a calculation for a particular tax year showing your income, your tax allowances, the amount of tax you’ve already paid and what tax, if any, you still owe or which should be repaid to you.

If your Tax Return has to be amended and it affects the tax payable, HMRC will send you a revised SA302 showing the up to date position for that particular year.

If you are asked to provide independent evidence of your income, for example if you're applying for a mortgage and you have been in the Self-Assessment system, you are likely to be asked for an SA302 for one or more tax years. An accompanying document you may also be asked to produce is a Tax Year Overview. This is a simple summary or statement of the tax due and tax you've paid during the year.

If you have filed your Tax Return online you can access your HMRC account and print off both the SA302 and Tax Year Overview as required.

Most Accountants like PayStream, use commercial software to produce Tax Returns for clients. This automatically generates a Tax Calculation which is the equivalent of the form SA302. The majority of mortgage providers have agreed with HMRC to accept this Tax Calculation and the Tax Year Overview which your Accountant can print off for you.

If you have used our Personal Tax Return service and would like this calculation printing off or you’d like more information regarding the bespoke tax advisory and compliance services our Tax Team can offer you, please contact them at

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