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Here's what the IT department has been up to recently

Paystream News

Alex Victoratos

Friday 29th Jan, 2016

It's been another 6 months of tinkering away behind the scenes for the I.T. team and we've been working on a wide variety of small, incremental changes right across the business. Every piece of software (and we write pretty much everything ourselves) has been updated, tweaked and functionality added.

PayStream is always looking for ways to make your life easier and as such our Accounting customers should now be able to make use of BankStream. Where we didn't have a direct feed of statement data for a client's business bank account, BankStream helps to bring this in through a modern API, in an automated fashion. This is free to PayStream My PSC customers and is being rolled out across customers with compatible banks. This development makes it much easier than sending in bank statements every month!

We're in the process of planning the move of our web servers to some new hardware which should hopefully be completed mid-February. New servers bring faster CPUs, more RAM and fully solid state disk arrays - what this means to our customers is that you'll notice a positive improvement in performance on the portal. The old hardware has served us really well, still delivering strong performance today despite a 5 fold increase in usage / user base, it's going to be looked after well in its retirement in our lab environment. We partner with a company called Melbourne for colocation and managed hosting and I really recommend them.

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