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In the spotlight - March 2016

Paystream News

Kerry Hull

Saturday 23rd Apr, 2016

This month we are introducing one of a member of our accounts team, Sian Jones. This is a chance to let you get to know who you are working with a little more closely...

Role: I offer friendly support and advice, to our limited company (PSC) contractors on anything relating to their accounts and company taxes, from the incorporation date of the company up until the closure. In the background myself and my team keep track of their accounts, deal with all the admin involved and ensure everything is always correct!

About me: I am a littlebit of a workaholic, but when I do find time to wind down, I usually spend it catching up on my favourite TV series.

Career / Personal high: I always have big dreams and plans set for my future, although things do sometimes change in time, my determination to succeed doesn’t. I take particular pride in the effort I put in to assisting my colleagues, PayStream and most importantly my clients, especially when my hard work is recognised.

Likes: Binge watching my favourite TV series, walking and reading a good novel.

Dislikes: Insects! Especially the smaller ones, even lady birds! I think it’s their legs and the thought of not knowing where they have gone.

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