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PayStream launches a new Dashboard functionality for the mobile app

Alex Victoratos

Alex Victoratos | I.T. Director

Wednesday 22nd Apr, 2015

We are proud to announce the latest update to our mobile phone apps, including the new dashboard functionality, which gives you a snapshot of your finances at a glance.

For our My PSC contractors, the dashboard gives you a quick summary of the financial position of your Limited Company, so you are aware of what funds are available to withdraw as well as what liabilities we advise you to keep to one side. Having this information on the latest version of our App allows you to track this on the go.

So how are the new features helpful for you, our My Max contractors? The dashboard includes;

  • Any unallocated invoices along with details of the net amount and number of pay periods this covers. These invoices are waiting for funds to be received from your agency so we can make a payment to you.
  • Any invoice being prepared for payment so you can track when the Payroll Team have received an instruction or funds from your agency and have allocated your invoice in preparation for payment.
  • The value of your last take home pay and the date this was sent to your account.
  • The expenses in 'awaiting receipt' status broken down by receipted and mileage.
  • If you are on accrued holiday pay, your pot balance and number of days accrued.

Also coming imminently to the amazon store is a Kindle version of the app - this will work on the tablet 'Fire' type devices rather than the traditional e-paper readers.

Our web development team are currently engaged in a project to bring further functionality & performance to the online portal, we're working through the backlog of suggestions and new requirements! There's usually at least one portal release per week, so keep an eye on that for new functionality!

We're constantly developing the app, so please send through any suggestions to

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