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Rahul Syal's PayStream Journey

Tom Sweeney

Tom Sweeney | Marketing Executive

Friday 10th Feb, 2023

Rahul originally joined PayStream as a Customer Care Advisor back in 2020. With a passion for numbers, he made the switch to our Management Accounts team in 2021. We wanted to find out a little bit more about both him and his journey at PayStream so far.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what brought you to PayStream?

I’m 24 years old and I’m from Manchester. When applying for a full time job, PayStream struck me as a company that strives to be the best and is a warm, friendly family-oriented organisation that I could see myself developing and achieve a successful and secure career within Accounts.

2. What is a typical day at PayStream like?

For me, every day in PayStream is like a new little journey that I share with my amazing colleagues within the Management Accounts team. I typically handle a variety of queries from both external suppliers and internal staff, this is something I love as it allows me to build relationships and gain exposure to develop my skills. I also seem to be the go-to-guy in the team for coffee or a cuppa, I’m apparently somewhat of a connoisseur! 

3. How does PayStream compare to your previous workplaces?

PayStream is without a doubt the best workplace I have worked. It offers comfortability, flexibility and incredible opportunities to progress within my career, it’s certainly a huge change of pace from working a 12-15 hour shift behind a bar. PayStream have looked after my best interests which I am sincerely grateful for, especially throughout those dreaded months/years of COVID.

4. What three words would you use to describe PayStream?

Thriving, Gracious, Empowerment.

5. What do you enjoy most about working at PayStream?

For me, I enjoy the comradery that I have with my colleagues within my department as well as other teams. PayStream places great emphasis on team building by hosting incredible social events over the course of the year from quiz nights, spring barbeques and of course the Christmas party. As well as this, PayStream provide exceptional progression opportunities for employees, I think is something that isn’t offered at many other companies. 

6. What would people be surprised to learn about you?

One thing I think people could be surprised at is my love for fashion trends. I love keeping up to date with designer fashion, what’s new in the market and all the different products that massive fashion/retail companies bring out.

7. What are your favourite things to do outside of work?

I spend a lot of time outside of work with my girlfriend, family and friends. Whether it’s going to new restaurants, out on the town with my mates or visiting new places in the world with my girlfriend and family.

I love watching Man United with my mates, which hasn’t been too painful this season and competing in any sort of competition against my girlfriend as I usually win (100% of the time).



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We are really proud to say that Rahul's PayStream success story is just one of many. That’s because we understand that our employees are our greatest asset so we put our people at the heart of everything we do.

When recruiting we look for like-minded individuals who will embrace the culture of the company, which is why we've developed a 'PayStream Person' which we believe encapsulates our star performers and therefore, in every new recruit we look for the following qualities: bright, personable, adaptable and a strong work ethic.

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