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PayStream's work with citizenAID

Alex Bentley

Alex Bentley | Marketing Assistant

Friday 18th Nov, 2022

Here at PayStream we are dedicated to supporting the local community and are always looking for ways in which we can help. As with other towns and cities knife crime has also affected our local community which is why we’ve purchased a number of trauma kits from the citizenAID charity, to donate around the local area where the public can easily gain access to them in case of an emergency.

The trauma kits were designed by citizenAID to be easy to use and effective. They contain military grade wound dressings and Tourni-keys amongst other helpful tools all designed to stop bleeding and apply pressure to life threatening injuries. citizenAID was established in 2016 and co-founded by four experts from various emergency medical backgrounds. Their goal is to provide the public with the information and tools to treat a deliberate attack, a lesser known procedure that requires different knowledge and skills to a natural emergency such as a heart attack.

"We’re really grateful to all at PayStream for supporting our charity by purchasing some of our Public Access Trauma first aid kits. These kits are designed to save lives and it is great to hear that they have been distributed in the Manchester area where they have the potential to make a difference to your local community. Looking after our communities and keeping people safe is as important to us at citizenAID as it is to you and it is fantastic that we share this common interest."

Mike Robinson, Operations Manager at citizensAID

Knife crime saw a 10% rise in March of 2022 and there is still little awareness on what steps to take after an injury. It’s important to fight the rising wave of knife crime and prevent future assaults, so we’re hoping to help combat the issue by helping people to take action once an incident has already occurred and possibly save a life. We hope that by working with citizenAID we will encourage others to educate themselves on the dangers of carrying knives and how to treat those who have been injured.

"We are delighted to be able to support citizenAID by purchasing and distributing the Public Access Trauma first aid kits. As a large employer within the Greater Manchester and Trafford area, the safety and security of people within our local community is very important to us. Most of our employees live in and around this area.

citizenAID do amazing work, highlighting in a practical way, how any members of the public can take action in an emergency situation and save lives. The distribution of the kits forms part of our overall commitment to being a socially responsible employer, which includes supporting initiatives that can make a positive impact in our local community."

Clare Baker, Head of HR at PayStream

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