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Self Assessment Tax Return Service

A Self Assessment tax return isn’t just a way for HMRC to ensure you’re paying the correct level of taxes, it is also an opportunity to claim tax allowances and tax reliefs on any eligible expenses, which could reduce your tax liability. If you’re the director of a limited company, self-employed or have received income during the tax year which hasn’t been taxed at source, you must complete a Self Assessment tax return. However these aren’t the only reasons why you may need to complete an annual Self Assessment return.

  • if your pay exceeds £100k a year
  • if your annual earnings are over £50k and you or another person in your household was in receipt of child benefit
  • if you’ve received additional income from a rental property
  • if you’ve received additional income from a trade business or family partnership
  • if you’ve received untaxed income such as dividends over £10,000
  • if you’ve receive capital gains of over £12,300.

Do you need to complete a Self Assessment tax return?

There are many reasons why HMRC will require you to complete a Self Assessment tax return. Among these are being a shareholder and receiving dividend income, receiving income from letting property, getting untaxed income that can’t be collected through your PAYE tax code, or making a Capital Gain following the sale of an asset. In addition to this, a tax return will be needed if you have multiple sources of income, and if you have dual residency, or are working abroad. We break everything down in this short video.

Why use PayStream's Self Assessment Service?


Our promise to you
We're experts in tax

Our promise to you

Our Self Assessment tax return service will ensure your tax return is completed correctly and on time, keeping you safe from an HMRC tax penalties. But that's not all. We'll also chase any refunds that might be due and warn you of any possible tax liabilities, so you know exactly what lies ahead.

Our promise to you

We're experts in tax

We have been completing tax returns for over 20 years now, so you can feel confident that your tax return is in safe hands. Simply complete our tax questionnaire and leave the rest to us.

We're experts in tax

Don't just take our word for it


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PayStream have done my Self Assessment returns for several years now, i find it an easy no hassle way to get my return completed and return quickly and efficiently.

Colin - Limited Company Contractor

An interview with Donald

Take a look at what Donald had to say about his experience of our Self Assessment tax return service.

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We recommend signing up as soon as possible so you have longer to plan payment of your taxes. Our tax team will take the stress and hassle of completing your Self Assessment, giving you one less thing to worry about.

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