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IR35 Comply: our review service

Tailored, practical and clear IR35 support

Understanding whether or not you fall inside or outside IR35 can be tricky, even for the most diligent contractor!

So, why not let PayStream help? Our specialist IR35 Team is on hand to provide practical and clear IR35 advice that's completely tailored to you and your circumstances.

Our innovative IR35 portal makes completing an IR35 review quicker and easier. It also leaves an audit trail of the outcome and supporting documents, ready for you to refer back to later.  

If you’re an existing client of our accounting service, My PSC or PSC Exec, IR35 reviews are included in the service at no additional cost. IR35 Comply is also available to non-PayStream customers at a competitive fee.

What does the service involve?

There are two main components to an IR35 review which are explained below. If you're currently using our full limited company service, My PSC or My PSC Exec, this service is completely free and My PSC Online contractors can enjoy a 50% discount.  However if you aren't an existing PayStream customer don't worry, our Compliance Team can still help, simply contact them on 0161 923 0213 or email

Contract review

We can review the contracts in the contractual chain from an IR35 perspective. We will advise whether the contract supports a status of falling outside IR35 or whether it indicates that you may fall inside IR35. We will provide you with a full written opinion, highlighting the key clauses relating to IR35 status, and provide you with an in-depth guide.

Working practices reviews

We can review your working practices by gathering information on how you interact with your client on a daily basis. We will advise you, based on the information you provide, whether you are working consistently outside IR35 or whether there is potential that you may not be. We will make you aware of any IR35 risks and, where appropriate, be on hand to provide you with practical advice.

What can you expect from IR35 Comply?

In our industry, a strong focus on compliance is essential. We have a highly skilled legal and compliance team at our core - led by our Legal Director Julian Ball who was recruited from Eversheds.

On a voluntary basis, we also maintain a strong working relationship with HMRC, discussing how we do things and keeping up to speed with legislative changes and best practice.

Key features of IR35 Comply:

  • Online submission of a contract and working practice questionnaire.
  • A review of your responses by our specialist IR35 team.
  • We'll contact you to gather further information if we have queries.
  • Online posting of the review outcome and backing documents (our Status Determination Statement)
  • (If required) online submission of the outcome and Status Determination statement to the agency and/or client (or multiple agencies) in the supply chain for sign off
  • Intrinsic client-led status disagreement process to allow outcomes to be appealed by the contractor.

Why use IR35 Comply?

  • Useful and informative guides
  • Established and trusted company
  • Easy-to-use service
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Clear and practical advice
  • Status Determination Statement
  • Trusted expert in this field
  • Free to existing My PSC and My PSC Exec customers
  • Discounted fees for My PSC Online customers
  • Competitive fees for non-existing customers

What are your options?

One assignment: contract review only

We will review your company’s 'contract for service' and, if you have a copy, the contract between your agency and client. We will also review your contract if you are working directly with your client. We will provide you with a full written opinion, highlighting the key clauses relating to IR35 status, and provide you with an in-depth guide. Please be aware that if you are subject to an IR35 enquiry, HMRC can look past the terms of the contract(s) to consider 'what went on in reality' - referring to your working practices. Your actual working practices can take precedence over the contract(s) wording when determining IR35 status and we therefore recommend that you also have a review on your working practices. Any changes that you make to your contract(s) following our advice should accurately reflect how you work in practice.

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One assignment: working practice only review

This service comprises a review on your working practices in respect of an assignment. You will need to complete our questionnaire, which is designed to help us gather information on how you interact with your client on a daily basis. We will provide you with an overall written opinion based on your working practices and highlight key aspects relating to IR35.

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Infographic: What helps and hinders IR35?

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