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Supporting contractors with our executive umbrella company

Steven Cheeseman

Steven Cheeseman | Marketing Manager

Tuesday 23rd Aug, 2022

PayStream’s umbrella company was voted the UK’s best umbrella at The Contracting Awards 2020, 2022 & 2023, with an independent panel of judges highlighting our “dedication to customer service and ensuring contractors are paid on time” as some of the key reasons that made My Max stand out from a crowded market.

Our enhanced My Max Exec service takes this experience a step further, unlocking a whole host of additional perks including full IR35 contract reviews, tailored tax advice and inclusive Self Assessments.

We wanted to gain a first-hand experience of My Max Exec, so we turned to Simon, an Architect who lives in Richmond who is currently utilising the service.

  1. Why did you decide to join PayStream's umbrella company?

    PayStream were recommended to me by my agency. I was moving from a PAYE role to a contracting role inside IR35. I checked their Trustpilot reviews to see an overview of the company, if they had a positive presence online then I was confident that I could trust them with my accountancy needs.

  2. Did you consider any other provider?

    I was given other options at different stages but I decided to choose PayStream. I did have a browse at others but PayStream were always top of the list. When I came to finally make my decision my main priority was speed to get started quickly.

  3. How have you found the My Max Exec service so far?

    Good! Once I was set up its gone very well, very smooth they’re very responsive to emails. The invoicing process is easy for me.

  4. Have the team been helpful to you since you signed up?

    They’re happy to answer my questions. I’ve asked about the tax season, they’ve answered questions about my day rate changing and how that would affect my annual income. In general they’ve provided me with everything I’ve needed.

To find out more about Simon's umbrella experience, you can read the full case study by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. If you’re currently working inside IR35 and are looking to use an umbrella company, or are thinking about switching umbrellas, feel free to get in touch with us on 0161 923 0201 or email

Want to read the full case study?

To find out more about Simon's experience, hit the download button below.

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