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Shawn Robinson's PayStream journey

Steven Cheeseman

Steven Cheeseman | Marketing Manager

Tuesday 16th Jul, 2019

Shawn joined PayStream as a Customer Care Advisor in 2018 and has since become an integral part of the team. She's one of the first points of contact for our umbrella employees and is also responsible for training new starters. We wanted to find out a little more about Shawn and her PayStream journey.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what brought you to PayStream?

Until very recently I lived in Northamptonshire and moved to Manchester for a change of scenery. I came to PayStream as I was looking for something different after completing university where I could use my skills to my best advantage. Working as a Customer Care Advisor has allowed me to find my feet and PayStream have given me plenty of guidance with regards to my career prospects.

2. What is a typical day at PayStream like?

It can vary day to day! We get so many different queries on the Customer Care team that each day brings something interesting. Normally, we are busy on the phones and tackling emails to give the best advice we can to our wide variety of contractors. There is also a good equilibrium between work and fun at the office.

3. How does PayStream compare to your previous workplaces?

PayStream is different than places that I have worked before - but definitely in a good way! I’ve had jobs before where I have been bored because there wasn’t much to do and have been quite repetitive. With PayStream, I’m always busy getting involved with different parts of the role whilst making sure I’m balancing the usual day to day tasks. There is also so much more to offer here at PayStream, such as giving me opportunities to work in different departments to help out with their workload.

4. What do you enjoy most about working at PayStream?

There are two things I really enjoy. First of all is the team that I work with. We all get on really well and are always open to helping each other out. Secondly, attending the PlayStream events is something I do really enjoy. It is always something different and we get the chance to chat to different departments in an out of work environment, which is really fun.

5. What would people be surprised to learn about you? 

I’ve got a bet on with my Dad that by the age of 50 I need to have attended 170 gigs. On average, I’m on just over 2 gigs a year which at age 24 I think is quite good going – and I’ve got another 5 planned already for the rest of the year! At a couple of these gigs I was also interviewed by NME and Kerrang.

6. What are your favourite things to do outside of work?

I like to cross stitch and read in my spare time. I also do like going to brunch with my friends and enjoying a night out with lots of cocktails. I love to go travelling as well so on my holidays and weekends I like to find different places to visit.

Are you a PayStream Person?

We are really proud to say that Shawn’s PayStream success story is just one of many.  That’s because we understand that our employees are our greatest asset so we put our people at the heart of everything we do.

When recruiting we look for like-minded individuals who will embrace the culture of the company, which is why we've developed a 'PayStream Person' which we believe encapsulates our star performers and therefore, in every new recruit we look for the following qualities: bright,  personable, adaptable and  a strong work ethic.

So if PayStream sounds like it would be a good fit for you and you are interested in joining the team email

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