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Umbrella contractors: Get set for public sector recruitment drive

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Michelle Derungs

Thursday 5th Oct, 2017

The UK's public sector is set to embark on its biggest public sector recruitment drive for two years. This means umbrella company contractors could expect to see an increase in demand for access to their skills in the near future.

Research carried out by the recruitment agency ManpowerGroup found that sectors including healthcare, education, local government and the emergency and prison services are all planning to take on more workers over the coming months. Contractors could therefore find themselves facing a level of demand they haven't seen for several years.

So, how can they navigate their way through this potentially busy period in their careers?

How many new workers is the public sector looking for?

ManpowerGroup found that six per cent of the UK's public sector organisations are planning to increase their headcount over the remainder of 2017. While this may not sound like a huge amount, it marks a rise of two per cent during the last two years, and should be a noticeable enough difference for umbrella contractors to see more demand for access to their skills and expertise.

New jobs in the public sector were few and far between following the economic recession of the late-2000s, while more recently, uncertainty caused by Brexit has led many departments and organisations to put hiring plans on hold.

However, James Hick, Managing Director of ManpowerGroup Solutions, believes a growing number are now rejecting austerity in favour of trying to boost growth so that the nation is in a strong position to navigate its way through the first days of the post-Brexit era.

"The public sector has really got to get a grip now and start hiring again with gusto across the civil service, the NHS and prison service," he stated.

How umbrella contractors should deal with increased demand

Umbrella company contractors can take advantage of the increase in demand for their services and accept the increase in opportunities that come their way.

Overall, contractors need to make the most of this period of increased demand, as it is the perfect opportunity for them to get in front of more clients that could provide them with extra work in the future.

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