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Full UK Statutory Residence Test

For individuals who need to establish their tax residence.

Failing to understand your UK residence position could result in you having to pay up to 40% on all of your overseas earnings.

However a Statutory Residence Test (SRT) can help. The test determines the tax residence status of individuals with connections to the UK. So if you have moved to, or from the UK within the tax year, or your work frequently takes you out of the UK but you retain financial ties to the UK, then you should review your UK residence position.

What's involved in the test?

Through a series of complex tests, the SRT provides a definitive process to determine the UK residence status of any individual. That status applies for Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax purposes.

Once that status has been established then other rules determine the extent of an individual’s liability to UK taxes. These other rules may include not just UK statute but also double tax treaties with other countries.

We know that tax matters like this can be daunting, so we can assess your personal circumstances and complete a full UK Statutory Residence Test on your behalf for just £350 + VAT.

We will then provide you with a detailed report of our findings. These findings will help you to determine the most tax efficient way forward when carrying out work overseas.

Are you departing the UK for work?

Planning on leaving the UK to live and work overseas? Before you depart the UK you need to make sure all of your affairs are in place otherwise you may pay more tax than necessary, or even worse a HMRC penalty.

What's included in our departure package?

Are you arriving to the UK for work?

There are some taxation matters that you should be aware of before arriving to the UK for work. We provide tax guidance for contractors who are either returning to the UK or arriving in the UK to work for the first time.

Discover our arrival package

Living or planning on moving abroad?

Our Overseas Taxation report is designed for you. It will give you an indication of the tax rules in the country you are moving to and how best to arrange your financial affairs before you leave. 

What does the report include?

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to one of our experts on how our Full UK Statutory Residence Test could help you, call us on 0161 923 0201 (Option 3).

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