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Contractor take home pay calculator

Calculate your take home pay using PayStream

Use our calculator to get an estimate of your take home pay

Have you ever wondered what you could be earning if you worked through an umbrella company? Or have you fallen inside IR35 and you now have to make the switch to an umbrella company which pays you on time, every time? Our simple to use calculator can provide you with a quick quote for what your potential take home pay could look like if you work through an umbrella company. Alternatively, if you have fallen outside IR35 on a contract and you would like to know how much you could earn through a limited company our calculator can provide you with a quote on that too.

Take home pay calculator

I earn...
Daily expenses

Limited company

Maximum earnings, minimum fuss.


Per Week


Per Month

Umbrella company

Reliable payroll, real peace of mind


Per week


Per month

These results are based on 40 hours per week and are potential take home earnings. Your quote will depend on your individual circumstances so if you would like a personalised quote please contact our New Business team.

For a personalised quote from our New Business Team call 0161 923 0201 (option 1) or email Alternatively, complete the contact form below for a callback.

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