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Are all umbrellas the same? No they’re not!

Kerry Hull

Kerry Hull | Marketing Manager

Thursday 27th Jun, 2019

We often get asked by both potential contractors and recruitment agencies, what makes PayStream different from other umbrella company service providers?

Our answer is simple - our brand is built upon two solid foundations; Service and Compliance.  Our goal as a company is to ensure that we not only deliver exceptional service, but that we do so in a compliant manner.

Our brand is built upon two solid foundations; Service and Compliance. 

That’s why at PayStream we are extremely proud to say that we are an APSCo affiliate member. APSCo is the Association of Professional Staffing and provides a powerful and unified voice for the professional recruitment market, as a guarantee of excellence, best practice, quality, integrity and expertise.

Becoming an APSCo affiliate member is no easy feat, you have to demonstrate compliance, expertise and support.

  1. Compliance comes first

    To be a certified APSCo affiliate member all umbrella providers are required to undertake a rigorous independent annual compliance audit which is carried out by independent providers such as Saffery Champness; EY; Professional Passport or the FCSA. You can rely on all APSCo members to be fully committed to quality and compliance.

  2. Industry Experts

    All APSCo affiliate umbrella providers have extensive knowledge of your sector. They are experts when it comes to the industry, and will share their expertise through seminars and webinars ensuring that they are committed to constantly developing and growing their knowledge in an ever-changing sector.

  3. Supporting the Industry

    APSCo members are renowned for sponsoring events for APSCo members and also supporting the professional recruitment sector by donating to apprenticeship levy pots to those recruitment company members who do not have access to one. By doing so, APSCo members are helping firms develop and expand their knowledge further.

Not all umbrella companies are capable of delivering on these promises which is why both we and APSCo believe that not all umbrella companies are the same.  We pride ourselves on being fully compliant and providing exceptional customer service and our partnership with APSCo goes to show our commitment and dedication to both.

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