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Think you could do better than your boss? Become your own!

Kerry Hull

Kerry Hull | Marketing Director

Monday 11th Jun, 2018

Over one-third of UK workers believe they could do a better job than their current boss, meaning they could be well-suited to becoming limited company contractors.

How well have you tended to get on with your bosses in the past? According to the results of a recent survey, more than one-third of UK workers believe they could do a better job than their manager.

So could becoming your own boss and working as a limited company contractor or freelancer be the answer? Let's take a look.

Brits believe they can do better job than their bosses

Global animal charity SPANA commissioned research exploring how Brits feel about their bosses, questioning 2,000 workers in total.

It was found that two-fifths of people did not believe their manager was good at their job, feeling they could do a better job themselves.

In fact, almost two-thirds (62 per cent) of respondents revealed they had left a previous role because they disliked their boss so much, and one in ten said they would describe their manager as either arrogant or two-faced. A further one-fifth of those questioned admitted having no respect for their current boss.

What's more, over half of workers said they were considering leaving their current role because they could no longer stand working with their boss.

One in five workers went so far as to say they hated their line manager.

Naturally, these negative feelings are likely to have a damaging impact on people's happiness and overall wellbeing in the workplace.

Geoffrey Davis, Chief Executive of SPANA, commented: "Having a boss you struggle to get on with can certainly be a source of annoyance and stress."

As part of the research, SPANA also compiled a list of the 50 most annoying traits of bad bosses, with poor communication coming out on top, followed by inconsistency and setting their own rules. Failing to understand employees' work and general incompetence completed the top five, while mood swings, a patronising manner and never saying 'thank you' all featured in the top ten.

Becoming your own boss: The benefits

The survey findings suggest that a significant number of UK workers would benefit from becoming their own boss - especially those who already believe they are equipped with the skills to do a better job and manage themselves.

Limited company contractors have complete control over their workloads, working hours and pay rates, allowing them much more freedom and flexibility in their professional lives.

Some people may be put off becoming their own boss due to the administrative side of running a limited company, but expert help is always at hand from PayStream with their limited company service, My PSC which provides contractors with access to PayStream's limited company accountancy service.

My PSC provides real-time updates on limited company finances, access to a dedicated accounts team and information to help self-employed workers keep on top of their IR35 status and stay on the right side of HMRC.

This means no specialist tax or mathematical knowledge is required from workers themselves, so there should be nothing stopping you from leaving your boss behind and going it alone.

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