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Looking back at public sector contractors who made the move to umbrella

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Monday 26th Jun, 2017

The end of the 16/17 tax year became one of the busiest times in PayStream's history. We saw record numbers of enquires and an unprecedented number of calls from new and existing customers. Why? Well this was, in the main due to the IR35 changes in the public sector. Thousands of public sector workers made the move from PSC to umbrella, but with such a limited amount of time to make the decision, did everyone make the right choice?

We are now seeing contractors, who we spoke to at the start of their decision making process, coming back to us due to dissatisfaction with their chosen provider. If that sounds like someone you know, then our door is always open. All umbrella companies are not equal, yes they should all process your take home pay ensuring that you pay the right amount of tax however they all offer different levels of customer services and a variety of benefits.

That's because at PayStream we believe in giving our contractors that bit more. So, you'll find that a lot of the extras that our competitors charge for, such as accessing exclusive employee rewards schemes, we give to our contractors for free. Our fantastic employee rewards scheme gives all our contactors access to discounts at thousands of stores and websites. This includes offers such as 5% off petrol and up to 20% off at various retailers and restaurants across the UK, plus much more.

If you currently work with someone who is unhappy with the service their umbrella company or limited company service provider is offering, then why not refer them to PayStream and you can earn up to £100 for every referral that you make.

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