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International Bank Account Number and HMRC

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Wednesday 30th Nov, 2016

If you are a customers who use an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) you will need to make sure you are using the correct IBAN and Bank Identifier Code (BIC) when making payments to HMRC. This is because HMRC have changed bank accounts from Citi to Barclays.

The majority of customers do not use an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and will not be affected. If you make a payment using an IBAN you will need to ensure you use a new BIC and IBAN. This could be when you make a payment online, or when paying over the counter at a bank. Customers making payments from UK bank accounts do not have to include IBAN numbers.

Each type of tax has its own IBAN and BIC details. To find out which ones to use, go to and select the type of tax you want to pay.
If you don't use the new HMRC details they may not get your payment, or your payment may be delayed.

If you need help or do not understand what you need to do, go to

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