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PayStream’s update since the T&S changes

Paystream News

Friday 27th May, 2016

It's been a busy few months at PayStream with some big changes in legislation. As you will probably be aware the new rules around T&S came into play on the 6th April and we now have the new national living wage to factor in.

The great news for your contractors is that there are still many benefits in our umbrella service. Firstly, some contractors are still able to claim expenses, so we go through checks with every single contractor to make sure they are eligible, and that they still get the tax relief they are entitled to. And those who are no longer eligible for tax relief will be able to take advantage of our Employment service, which not only means that contractors can enjoy all the advantages of continuous employment which makes it easier for you contractors to secure a mortgage or loan, manage their pension pot, their holiday pay whilst also giving them access to statutory benefits such as statutory maternity pay and statutory sick pay.

All of our umbrella options provide contractors with all of the above advantages of continuous employment, as well as giving contractors access to our employee rewards scheme. This includes gaining access to a whole host of benefits from discounts with over 2000 high street brands and well known restaurant chains to exclusive mortgage deals and medical insurance.

As ever, PayStream offer a full suite of services for contractors and tailored advice to help your contractors find the right solution for them.

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