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Why working as a contractor could be the job for you

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Friday 19th Feb, 2016

Our career is an integral part of our life. It is what we immerse ourselves in every single weekday for the majority of our adulthood.

It is perhaps not so surprising then, that the most successful professionals in the world excel at what they do because they enjoy what their job entails and are able to give it their best with passion and enthusiasm.

Whether you are a recent graduate daunted by the variety of jobs on offer, or you're a working professional who feels as though they've lost their way along their career path, it is never the wrong time to reconsider exactly where it is that you're going.

To work to the best of our ability, we should relish in our job role. Numerous studies have shown that those who love their jobs tend to earn higher salaries because they are happy with what they do.

In 2015, Investors in People revealed that a massive 60 per cent of people are not happy in their current roles, which led to a further ten per cent increase in people considering moving jobs.

For many of those dissatisfied in their current position, working as a contractor may be the change in career path that is needed.

Perks of contracting

Being a contractor has a variety of benefits, which allows the role to be moulded to what you want it to be.

Professionals who have worked in an industry for years but haven't had the chance to explore other avenues in the sector could consider working as a contractor, as they are able to stay in the industry, but use the skills and expertise they possess to apply them to contracting.

Whilst doing this, professionals will learn a number of new skills, including organisational, adaptability and self-discipline skills.

Ideal pay conditions

For many contractors, working on a contract basis actually means that the pay is much more admirable than in permanent roles. In many fields, contractors have been found to be paid two or even three times as much as those in permanent employment.

According to, the best paying industry is banking and financial services, for IT contractors specifically, who were found to be on twice the sum of those with annual salaries.

Pay for contractors is often weekly rather than monthly, which also means contractors will receive more regular payments for their work.

A variety of work

Working on a contractual basis usually means that work will be project-based and always different to the previous contract. For those who are easily bored, working in this way will keep you on your toes and passionate about your work.

Contractors are given a variety of projects which means that they are able to work in many different environments, cultures and styles, by operating with a number of different clients.

Because as a contractor, you'll have the freedom of working for yourself, you are able to manage the amount of work you take on which can lead to a better work-life balance.

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