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Customer service excellence – The PayStream way

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Michelle Derungs

Wednesday 25th Nov, 2015

We are delighted to announce that once again we have passed our Customer Service Excellence (CSE) Award with flying colours, having fully met every criteria of the CSE assessment and walking away with 3 "compliance plus" awards!

The Customer Service Excellence (CSE) Award is a Government recognised accreditation which meticulously assesses businesses in many areas which customers have highlighted to be of importance to them. These areas comprise of staff attitude, information, delivery, timeliness and professionalism alongside acknowledging any areas where continuous development has been made within customer service.

Obtaining the CSE Award proves that providers such as ourselves continually place a focus on developing customer insight, understanding the users experience and safeguarding that there is always a strong level of service satisfaction.

The CSE Award is comprised of a 57 point criteria, all of which must be met if a business is to obtain the award. We are proud to have not only fully met every point within this criteria but to additionally achieve 3 "compliance plus" awards!

For the second time a in a row, the CSE assessor was extremely impressed with the evidence presented to him, the customers he interviewed as well as the members of our team that he met in person.

The assessor continually found a positive link between the documented, observed and verbal evidence he collected, adding to the report that "PayStream were clearly focussed on providing the best service for its clients".

Our promise, to continually deliver a first class service to our customers has always been the driving force behind the way we work and it’s fantastic to see that the CSE assessor also acknowledged this.

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