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Inefficient company getting you down? Contracting could be the answer

Mon 26th Feb, 2018
Some 33 per cent of workers are frustrated by inefficient processes at their company, suggesting that self-employment could suit them better.

Contractors who use co-working hubs 'more engaged'

Fri 23rd Feb, 2018
Limited company contractors who take advantage of flexible co-working spaces are more likely to be engaged with their work, a new report suggests.

All millennials want 'is to work from home with natural light'

Thu 22nd Feb, 2018
Access to natural light is more important to millennials than quirky work perks, according to a new report.

Record-breaking 2017 for UK aerospace sets 2018 up as promising for contractors

Wed 21st Feb, 2018
The UK aerospace sector had a record-breaking 2017 in terms of production output and new orders, suggesting more opportunities for skilled contractors will be on the way.

UK govt extends tax-free childcare to self-employed

Tue 20th Feb, 2018
Self-employed workers in the UK are now eligible for a £2,000 tax-free childcare allowance.

Why contractors need seven to nine hours' sleep each night

Mon 19th Feb, 2018
Contractors who get under six hours' sleep each night are 2.4 per cent less productive than those who snooze for seven to nine hours.

55.6% unhappy in current career: Could contracting change this?

Thu 15th Feb, 2018
Contracting could be the answer to resolving the most common factors making UK workers unhappy in their current roles.

More Brits need to take a risk and take charge of their careers

Wed 14th Feb, 2018
Brits are scared of risk-taking, new research shows, but this is often the first step to a successful career as a limited company contractor.

Did you get your self-assessment tax return in on time?

Tue 13th Feb, 2018
Some 30,000 self-employed workers waited until the very final hour to submit their self-assessment tax returns to HMRC in January, new data shows.

Contractor numbers up by 1 million since 2008

Mon 12th Feb, 2018
One million more people started working for themselves as contractors or freelancers over the last ten years, new data reveals.

52% of Brits 'feel their work-life balance has got out of hand'

Thu 8th Feb, 2018
Making the move to contracting or freelancing could help to stop more UK workers from feeling that their work-life balance is unmanageable.

Contractors 'need to stop confidence issues from holding them back'

Wed 7th Feb, 2018
More than six in ten UK workers want to become their own boss, but a lack of confidence is holding 36 per cent back from taking the leap.
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