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Growing confidence in economy 'good news for contractors'

Fri 1st Jun, 2018
Increased levels of business confidence in the UK economy signal good news for the country's limited company contractors.

London 'UK's budding entrepreneur hotspot'

Tue 29th May, 2018
London is home to the highest proportion of workers interested in becoming limited company contractors or freelancers in the UK.

Top 20 most in-demand contractor skills revealed

Tue 8th May, 2018
Blockchain has been named the number one most coveted contractor and freelancer skill of the moment in a new report from Upwork.

Why contracting could be the answer to presenteeism pressure

Mon 23rd Apr, 2018
UK workers who feel pressured by a culture of presenteeism may benefit significantly from becoming limited company contractors, new research suggests.

Permanent employment 'won't be the norm for much longer'

Mon 16th Apr, 2018
Only 29 per cent of recruiters believe that permanent job roles will continue to be the norm in the future, according to new survey results.

Limited company contractor opportunities up across UK

Tue 10th Apr, 2018
Contractor opportunities were up across the UK in March in comparison to the previous month, figures show.

More UK businesses recognising benefits of working with contractors

Tue 3rd Apr, 2018
UK companies are increasingly recognising the benefits of working with contractors and freelancers, a new report highlights.

Revealed: Why self-employed workers tend to be happier

Mon 26th Mar, 2018
New research has revealed the reasons why limited company contractors and freelancers tend to be happier in their roles than their office-based peers.

Highly skilled contractors 'providing significant boost to UK economy'

Thu 22nd Mar, 2018
The gig economy is getting too much credit for boosting the self-employed workforce in the UK; instead, it's all thanks to highly skilled contractors.

Nine million Brits want to be their own boss

Tue 6th Mar, 2018
Nine million workers in the UK would like to work for themselves one day, a new report reveals.

Brits' top career priorities 'achievable through contracting'

Wed 28th Feb, 2018
Many of the factors that UK workers covet most in their careers are easily achievable via limited company contracting.

Think you can do a better job than your manager? Become your own boss

Tue 27th Feb, 2018
Professionals who think they could do a better job than their boss could benefit from working for themselves.
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